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5 Tips To Go From 2 to 20+ Books Per Year

Reading is one of the most impactful habits I’ve ever picked up. It has the somewhat rare combination of being both enjoyable and valuable. Some of the best minds in the wold, such as Warren Buffet, Barack Obama, and Bill Gates, swear by reading. If you’ve tried and failed to make reading a habit, this post is for you. I was in your shoes for many years. I always wanted to read more, but could never make it a habit. Three years ago I tried again. This time it worked. Below are 5 tips that helped me go from 2 to 20+ books per year since then.

Optimize Your Environment

Sit at a Table

Use White Noise

Put Away Your Phone

Learn to Read Faster

Use a Pointer

Don’t Voiceover the Words In Your Head

This change will also improve your reading comprehension. It does this by putting more emphasis on the important passages and concepts instead of individual words. If you’re reading fiction or a classic you may deliberately want to soak up each word in detail. However, if you’re reading non-fiction focusing on the concepts is perfect. It will help you better retain the information. I also find that my better understanding of the core concepts builds positive momentum that helps me focus for longer periods of time and makes me excited to read moving forward.

Following the above steps will help you stay focused and help you read faster. These two items together will lead create a positive feedback loop. The more you read, the more new information you’ll learn, and the more excited you will get to read more.

What’s Next?

For new books that I read I’m going to continue to try to become a better reader. There are many other tips and tricks that I’ve read about over the past year that I haven’t made a habit yet. Some of these include:

  • Using my own words to summarize each chapter
  • Taking time to better understand the book’s context: read the table of contents for more than 2s, familiarize myself with the author, etc.
  • Focusing on key questions to help with comprehension like: Do I agree with the author? What do alternative view points look like?

Below are some articles that have inspired these improvements:

Now, off to a coffee shop for some reading ☕️📖

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