Tools to Stay Focused

Put your phone away

Don’t place it in your pocket. Or behind your laptop on silent mode.

Turn off all notifications on your computer

Turn off notifications
  1. Go to notifications (in the top right corner for on OS X v10.8)
  2. Change the alert style to None for the apps that send you lots of alerts.

Download FocusMask

FocusMask is a mac app to help keep distractions out of site. It allows you to bring to focus on a specific window, or even bring to focus only a specific part of a specific window.

Using FocusMask with Onward

Hide your bookmark bar

There are many times when I sit on my computer and aimlessly go through my bookmarks. In general, seeing the cute Reddit alien or the Facebook ‘f’ in my bookmark bar definitely makes me visit those sites more than I’d like to.




product design @seatgeek | i like to build stuff |

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Adam Waxman

Adam Waxman

product design @seatgeek | i like to build stuff |

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